to everyone that purchased a fundraiser calendar!!!

A Big "THANK YOU" to the SM & SF Club in Rockford IL for allowing us to hold this year's fundraiser drawing at their fine establishment.

The prize checks for the 2017 Tri-County
Fundraiser Calendar Winners are mailed out monthly.
The winners lists are also released monthly on this website.
This is the way it was done for the last 14 years.
The Tri-County Alliance and the IASC Regions 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 & 7 Snowmobile Clubs
  are not responsible for any misprints.

The IASC is not associated with this fundraiser.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

These are the monthly winners of the 2017 Fundraiser Calendar!


1-Jan $500.00 Jason Dietrich Stillman Valley  IL 
2-Jan $25.00 Dennis Brown  Durand  IL 
3-Jan $25.00 Timothey & Susan Metz Burlington  IL 
4-Jan $25.00 Brenda Balles Cocoa FL
5-Jan $25.00 Cory Lawrence  Sterling  IL 
6-Jan $25.00 Beckie Austin  Loves Park  IL 
7-Jan $25.00 Susan Middleton  Loves Park  IL 
8-Jan $50.00 Dave Geary Thompson  IL 
9-Jan $25.00 Brandie Messer Stillman Valley  IL 
10-Jan $25.00 Carlton Johnson  Freeport  IL 
11-Jan $25.00 Missi Schnoor Comanche  IA
12-Jan $25.00 Aleigha Lampson Paw Paw IL 
13-Jan $25.00 Helen Marchbank New Lenox IL 
14-Jan $25.00 Sean Gould Byron  IL 
15-Jan $50.00 Alberta James  Roscoe  IL 
16-Jan $25.00 Ronald Nasett Brodhead WI
17-Jan $25.00 Chad Korstick  Rock Falls  IL 
18-Jan $25.00 Jacob & Jessica Moore Chicago  IL 
19-Jan $25.00 Jack and Will Deschler Rockford  IL 
20-Jan $25.00 Patrick Tomlin  Rockford  IL 
21-Jan $25.00 Patrick Deschler Roscoe  IL 
22-Jan $50.00 Dwayne Qualls Rockford  IL 
23-Jan $25.00 Alberta James  Roscoe  IL 
24-Jan $25.00 Vince LaBanco  New Lenox IL 
25-Jan $25.00 Beckie Austin  Loves Park  IL 
26-Jan $25.00 Leatrice Bicksler Leaf River  IL 
27-Jan $25.00 Terry Diehl Forreston  IL 
28-Jan $25.00 Steve Magee Lena IL 
29-Jan $50.00 Ashley Koding  Marshfield  WI 
30-Jan $25.00 Jim Manning  Rochelle  IL 
31-Jan $25.00 Johnny's Bar and Grill Mercer WI

1-Feb $25.00 Mike Parent  Belvidere IL 
2-Feb $25.00 Susan Hager Rochelle  IL 
3-Feb $25.00 Gene Johnson Jr.  Pecatonica  IL 
4-Feb $25.00 Barb Halvorson  Chana  IL 
5-Feb $50.00 Chuck Noffkle Loves Park  IL 
6-Feb $25.00 Oaks Ridge Riders Roscoe  IL 
7-Feb $25.00 Carol Daniels  Oregon  IL 
8-Feb $25.00 Roger Hansen  Rockford IL 
9-Feb $25.00 Amanda Van Oosten  Mount Morris  IL 
10-Feb $25.00 Michael Staley Milledgeville  IL 
11-Feb $25.00 Michael Blomberg Rockford  IL 
12-Feb $50.00 Mike Howard Freeport  IL 
13-Feb $25.00 Stuart McClain  Rockford  IL 
14-Feb $500.00 Bethany Bocker Polo IL 
15-Feb $25.00 Debbie Roberson  Roscoe  IL 
16-Feb $25.00 Jeff Lingel  Winnebago  IL 
17-Feb $25.00 Ken Hazzard Pecatonica  IL 
18-Feb $25.00 Mike Dennis  Altona  IL 
19-Feb $50.00 Richard Bjur Rockford  IL 
20-Feb $500.00 Jesse Lesko Jacksonville  AR
21-Feb $25.00 Lloyd Long  Rockford IL 
22-Feb $25.00 Perry Tuneberg Rockford  IL 
23-Feb $25.00 Bryant Price  Davis IL 
24-Feb $25.00 Arian Ajuazi Oregon  IL 
25-Feb $25.00 Chris Brinker Kent  IL 
26-Feb $50.00 Greg Derrer Lanark  IL 
27-Feb $25.00 Franie Jones  Ashton  IL 
28-Feb $25.00 Mark Doran  Pecatonica  IL 

1-Mar $25.00 The Roggensacks Vinemont  AL
2-Mar $25.00 Danielle Van Oosten Dixon  IL 
3-Mar $25.00 Maude Viel - R+P Hutting  Pecatonica  IL 
4-Mar $25.00 Matt Cox  Polo IL 
5-Mar $50.00 Barb Halvorson  Chana  IL 
6-Mar $25.00 Ron Bartelt Polo IL 
7-Mar $25.00 Peter Fields Malta  IL 
8-Mar $25.00 Steve Gould  Byron  IL 
9-Mar $25.00 Cory Shank  Dixon  IL 
10-Mar $25.00 Mike Beeter Polo IL 
11-Mar $25.00 Darlene Cobb Leaf River  IL 
12-Mar $50.00 Mike Beeter Polo IL 
13-Mar $25.00 Jane Grinker  Elgin  IL 
14-Mar $25.00 Karen Spencer  Loves Park  IL 
15-Mar $25.00 Chase Scudder Freeport  IL 
16-Mar $25.00 Lucy Gufstason  Belvidere IL 
17-Mar $500.00 Ryan Jensen  Roscoe  IL 
18-Mar $25.00 Joyce Roggensack  Loves Park  IL 
19-Mar $50.00 Brian Saunders Warren IL 
20-Mar $25.00 Tom Jones  Thompson  IL 
21-Mar $25.00 Tricia Both  Marseilles IL 
22-Mar $25.00 Stephanie Steward  Rockford  IL 
23-Mar $25.00 Todd Prien  Monroe  WI
24-Mar $25.00 Kevin Thomas Apple River  IL 
25-Mar $25.00 Aaron Wolfe  Freeport  IL 
26-Mar $50.00 Dale Strack  Rockton  IL 
27-Mar $25.00 Layla Scott - Hainchek Loves Park  IL 
28-Mar $25.00 Jarid J. Stimpert  Cedarville  IL 
29-Mar $25.00 Eric Jackson  Rockton  IL 
30-Mar $25.00 Todd Symons Lena  IL 
31-Mar $25.00 Trent Brown  Byron  IL 

1-Apr $25.00 Matt Williams  Stillman Valley  IL 
2-Apr $50.00 Al Coffman  Polo IL 
3-Apr $25.00 Stuart White  Rochelle  IL 
4-Apr $25.00 John Van Overmeiren Lanark  IL 
5-Apr $25.00 Maggie Cox  Polo IL 
6-Apr $25.00 Norm Folgate  Freeport  IL 
7-Apr $25.00 Noreen Kelm  Belvidere IL 
8-Apr $25.00 Isidra Carmona Attn:  Sterner Machine  Rockford IL 
9-Apr $50.00 Midway Sno-Busters Orangeville  IL 
10-Apr $25.00 James Peck  Machesney Park  IL 
11-Apr $25.00 Pam Howard  Winnebago  IL 
12-Apr $25.00 Lynne Height Lena IL 
13-Apr $25.00 Ryan Melton  Albany  IL 
14-Apr $25.00 Bill McKeever Machesney Park  IL 
15-Apr $25.00 Jody Mernack  Davis Junction  IL 
16-Apr $500.00 Jeff Ashby Thompson  IL 
17-Apr $25.00 Arlene Masear  Beloit WI 
18-Apr $25.00 Robert Lojanica Machesney Park  IL 
19-Apr $25.00 Lucy Gufstason  Belvidere IL 
20-Apr $25.00 Sue Metz Burlington  IL 
21-Apr $25.00 Tim Hayes Monroe  WI
22-Apr $25.00 Jodi Rogers Galesburg IL 
23-Apr $50.00 Colten Boomgarden Oregon  IL 
24-Apr $25.00 Tim Merrell  Polo IL 
25-Apr $25.00 Kellie Goeske Pecatonica  IL 
26-Apr $25.00 Dean Holmes  Lena  IL 
27-Apr $25.00 Jerry Peterson  Rockford  IL 
28-Apr $25.00 Shane Brown  Durand  IL 
29-Apr $25.00 Barb Wing  Freeport  IL 
30-Apr $50.00 Todd Curry Freeport  IL 

1-May $25.00 Amanda Wielgus  Rochelle  IL 
2-May $25.00 Terry Aldrich  Byron  IL 
3-May $25.00 Cheryl Gray  Ottawa IL 
4-May $25.00 Tom Stone  Roscoe  IL 
5-May $25.00 Micaela Garcia  North Aurora IL 
6-May $25.00 Joshua McCoy Cary  IL 
7-May $50.00 Jimmy Stimpert  Cedarville  IL 
8-May $25.00 Jim Sigwards Stillman Valley  IL 
9-May $25.00 Laurie Trager Marseilles IL 
10-May $25.00 Mitchell Garman  South Beloit  IL 
11-May $25.00 Dorothy Rogers Freeport  IL 
12-May $25.00 Eden Englert Anamosa IA
13-May $25.00 Troy Hadie Winnebago  IL 
14-May $500.00 Shawn Byers  Davis Junction  IL 
15-May $25.00 Jordan Anderson  Savanna  IL 
16-May $25.00 Dan Bennett Fulton  IL 
17-May $25.00 Zachary Moore Austin  TX 
18-May $25.00 Stephen Banks  Chicago  IL 
19-May $25.00 Kaleb & Dean Gustafson Converse TX 
20-May $25.00 Aaron Koch  Roscoe  IL 
21-May $50.00 Dawn Aaronson  Stillman Valley  IL 
22-May $25.00 Kiara Anders Belvidere  IL 
23-May $25.00 Patricia Aims  Rockford  IL 
24-May $25.00 Pat Hartman  Freeport  IL 
25-May $25.00 Alberta James  Roscoe  IL 
26-May $25.00 Barry Cochran  Rock Falls  IL 
27-May $25.00 Nancy Reynolds Henderson  NV
28-May $50.00 Jeff Nesemeyer Freeport  IL 
29-May $500.00 Jett Jeremy Saunders Warren  IL 
30-May $25.00 Ron Tallacksen  Rockford  IL 
31-May $25.00 Saundra Sheets Machesney Pk  IL 

1-Jun $25.00 Ted Wilson  Byron  IL 
2-Jun $25.00 Phillip Krontz Ottawa IL 
3-Jun $25.00 Durk and Claris Roper  Winnebago  IL 
4-Jun $50.00 Randy Farney  Rockford IL 
5-Jun $25.00 Wyllodene Yates Winnebago  IL 
6-Jun $25.00 Duane & Jean Keding Roscoe  IL 
7-Jun $25.00 Terry Aldrich  Byron  IL 
8-Jun $25.00 Ted Gesin  Oregon  IL 
9-Jun $25.00 Ron Ulrich  Byron  IL 
10-Jun $25.00 Gary Alms  Rockford IL 
11-Jun $50.00 Ronald Stork  Bolingbrook IL 
12-Jun $25.00 Rosemary Kramford West Chicago  IL 
13-Jun $25.00 Gene Johnson Jr.  Pecatonica  IL 
14-Jun $25.00 Pam Hutting  Pecatonica  IL 
15-Jun $25.00 John Lang Davis  IL 
16-Jun $25.00 Mardi Hudson  Lena IL 
17-Jun $25.00 Tim Miller  Rockton  IL 
18-Jun $500.00 Lisa Traum  Rockford  IL 
19-Jun $25.00 Brad Alberts  Stillman Valley  IL 
20-Jun $25.00 Rhett Reeter Dakota  IL 
21-Jun $25.00 Tom Parkus  Freeport  IL 
22-Jun $25.00 Sandi Lunsford Rockford  IL 
23-Jun $25.00 Dan Equeckbergner Milledgeville  IL 
24-Jun $25.00 Denny Rippy  Leola  PA
25-Jun $50.00 Fred Horner  Rochelle  IL 
26-Jun $25.00 Gregg Sell  Peru  IL 
27-Jun $25.00 Wes Green  Savanna  IL 
28-Jun $25.00 Lisa Sheehan  Beloit WI 
29-Jun $25.00 Rayn Etchberger Lena  IL 
30-Jun $25.00 Jamie Hille  Winslow  IL 

Thank you for purchasing a 2017 Fundraiser Calendar!

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